Website Not Open Without www | Fix Redirect Godaddy Domain Issues

Website Not Open Without www Fix Redirect Godaddy Domain Issues

In today’s digital era, a website serves as the virtual face of a business or individual. A website must be easily accessible and functional for visitors. However, encountering issues where a website not open without www prefix or experiencing problems with a Godaddy domain can be frustrating. This article will explore the reasons behind these issues and provide step-by-step solutions to resolve them effectively. Also, we will talk about domain redirection and how it can help ensure a seamless user experience for your website visitors. Do you know how to Connect a Custom Domain with Blogger Hosting?

Understanding the “www” Prefix

Before diving into the issues and solutions, let’s understand the significance of the “www” prefix. In the early days of the web, the “www” subdomain was commonly used to denote a website. It stands for “World Wide Web” and was added to distinguish web-related services from other subdomains, such as “mail” or “FTP.”

Over time, the “www” prefix has become less necessary, and many websites now function correctly without it. However, due to historical conventions and existing configurations, some websites may encounter problems when accessed without the “www” prefix. How do you create a free blog website using Blogger and earn money?

Common Causes of Website Not Open Without www.

Two common causes can lead to a website not open without www prefix: DNS misconfiguration and Godaddy domain settings.

DNS Misconfiguration

Domain Name System (DNS) records are essential for translating domain names into IP addresses, allowing browsers to locate and connect to websites. Misconfigurations in DNS settings can result in the “www” issue.

Godaddy Domain Settings

Godaddy, a popular domain registrar, provides various domain management settings that can inadvertently affect website accessibility. Incorrect settings within the Godaddy domain configuration can lead to the website not open without www prefix.

Fixing the “www” Issue

Resolving the “www” issue involves verifying and adjusting DNS settings and the Godaddy domain configuration.

Verifying DNS Settings

Begin by checking the DNS settings of your domain. Ensure that the domain’s DNS records are correctly configured and include appropriate A records pointing to the correct IP address of your website server. Additionally, verify that no conflicting CNAME records may cause conflicts in resolving the website URL.

Modifying Godaddy Domain Settings

Access your Godaddy domain management dashboard and review the domain settings. Look for settings that may enforce the “www” prefix and disable them if necessary. Ensuring that the “www” subdomain is not explicitly redirected or forced in the Godaddy settings is essential.

Introduction to Domain Redirection

Domain redirection, or URL forwarding, is a technique to redirect one domain or URL to another. It often redirects users from an old or non-preferred domain to a new or primary domain. Domain redirection can be beneficial when managing multiple domains or resolving the “www” issue.

Benefits of Domain Redirection

Implementing domain redirection offers several advantages for website owners and visitors:

  1. Consolidating Web Traffic: Redirection allows you to merge traffic from multiple domains into one domain, enhancing website analytics and simplifying marketing efforts.
  2. Enhancing User Experience: By redirecting non-www URLs to their www counterparts or vice versa, you provide a seamless browsing experience for your visitors. You can access your website using their preferred URL format without any errors.
  3. Improving SEO: Properly implemented redirection helps maintain search engine rankings by consolidating the authority of multiple domains into a single domain. It also ensures that search engines index and display the preferred URL format.

How to Redirect a Godaddy Domain

A Godaddy domain can be redirected through domain forwarding or the .htaccess configuration. Are you experiencing difficulties with your Godaddy domain, such as your website not open without www” in the URL? I have a helpful video link that provides instructions for fixing and redirecting these issues.

Setting Up Domain Forwarding

Within the Godaddy domain management dashboard, locate the domain you wish to redirect. Enable domain forwarding and specify the target URL where you want the visitors to be redirected. Choose the appropriate redirection type, temporary (302) or permanent (301), based on your needs.

Using .htaccess for Redirection

If you can access the server’s .htaccess file, you can use it to set up redirection. Add the necessary redirect rules to the .htaccess file, specifying the source and target URLs and the desired redirection type (301 for permanent, 302 for temporary).

Best Practices for SEO and User Experience

To ensure an optimised user experience and maintain SEO rankings, consider the following best practices when implementing domain redirection:

  1. Maintain Consistency in URL Structure: Choose whether to use your website’s “www” or non-“www” format and stick with it consistently. To avoid duplicate content and confusion, redirect all alternate versions to your preferred URL format.
  2. Implement Permanent Redirects (301): Use a 301 redirect for permanent redirection to signal to search engines that the redirection is permanent and that the authority of the redirected URL should be transferred to the target URL.
  3. Test and Monitor the Redirection: After implementing the redirection, thoroughly test it to ensure proper functioning. Could you monitor website analytics and search engine rankings to identify issues and make necessary adjustments?

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Because following the steps mentioned above, you may need some help with redirection. These issues could be related to caching, incorrect server configurations, or conflicts with other settings. If you have challenges, please get in touch with your web hosting provider or seek help from an experienced web developer.


In conclusion, resolving the issue of a website not open without www prefix or encountering problems with Godaddy domains requires careful examination of DNS settings and Godaddy configurations. Following the step-by-step solutions in this article, you can fix these issues and ensure a seamless browsing experience for your website visitors. Additionally, domain redirection can consolidate web traffic, enhance user experience, and improve SEO rankings. Please follow best practices and monitor the redirection process to maintain the best results.

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