Robas Abid is A well-known personality in affiliate Blogging. From childhood, he has had the urge to do something incredible. He has rejected more than five job offers from outstanding companies because his mission was to accomplish his online business and deliver the tactics to the newbies to reach the sky in online marketing. He initiated his journey of success by giving workshops at the Institute of Carry Shine. He proceeded towards many of the great universities of Pakistan to deliver his ideas as a motivational speaker.

“To me! It’s the utmost priority to empower Pakistani youth by instilling the skills and passion of online work.”

-Robas Abid He was listed Several times in a row among the expert bloggers nationally & internationally. He was invited by the government of the United States of America for meetups with the world’s most outstanding entrepreneurs, Founders, and Startups. He was also featured in Pakistan’s top magazines and interviewed by many national and international televisions like Voice of America, Radio Pakistan, Urdu Point, and Daily Pakistan. Through live sessions, he made the trend to interact with Pakistan’s successful entrepreneurs & online marketing kings with the newbies. He has played the leading role as a Training Coordinator in the Punjab Youth employment program Powered by World Bank & HEC. He is the Co-founder & CEO of “Carry Shine”, a Consultant ‘National University of Sciences & Technology’, and a coach in different institutes and universities. Until now, he has taught more than 500+ students all over Pakistan who are happily earning their lives from the internet. Recently connected Pakistan named him the real Mian Pro of Punjab by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


We are delighted to announce that Robas Abid, a prominent Amazon affiliate blogger and YouTuber from Punjab, Pakistan, will join (Event Name). He has taught over 90k students online in Pakistan and across international borders through his YouTube channel Udemy. He will discuss how to Flip your online assets and make 30X more profit.

How does help you become a successful blogger?

While experts emphasise the importance of unique content for running a successful blog, SEO encompasses more than just great content. That’s where robasabid becomes your perfect companion, assisting you in solving all your technical and SEO-related challenges.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find on

  • Guidance on how to start a blog
  • Basic techniques for both Blogger and WordPress platforms
  • Strategies for monetising your blog and earning passive income
  • In-depth SEO hacks and practices, ranging from basic to advanced levels
  • Effective digital and social media marketing strategies
  • Insights into affiliate marketing strategies
  • Tips for enhancing your writing skills to increase blog traffic and organic search visibility
  • WordPress and Blogger themes and plugins
  • Comprehensive hosting and domain comparisons with detailed reviews

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Thank you for taking the time to read my story and explore Robas Abid. I’ a’m excited to accompany you on your blogging journey.

Warm regards,
Robas Abid

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